Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Black and White Nail Art: Beautiful Vintage Swirls

Hellooo Everyone!

Aaah.. Finally! After 2 hectic weeks, and an amazing spiritual feast in a 3-day-convention I can finally sit down in front of my laptop this morning to post one of my favorit-est designs this month! ^_^

This was inspired by a desktop wallpaper I downloaded from internet. And today, I am going to spam you with pictures just because I can *LOL

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

FROZEN Nail Art: Elsa!

Hello, my dear readers and fellow nail art lovers out there :) It's been quite a while since my last nail art. So today, I decided to leave my cooking and did my nails: Anime Style Elsa!

Well, I've been saving this designs for soooo looong. And Let me share with you how delightful I am to see the result. Too bad the camera couldn't catch the sparkles from all that glitters - [sigh]

FROZEN Nail Art: Elsa! (IN)

Halo, semua! :) Wah, sudah absen cukup lama nih, tanpa posting nail art baru. Hari ini saya memutuskan untuk menunda eksperimen masak saya khusus untuk mengerjakan nail art istimewa ini: Elsa! (Anime style)

Desain ini sudah saya simpan begitu lama.. Meski awalnya saya kesulitan karena decal ini sudah terlalu lama disimpan, ternyata hasilnya cantik tenan! :) Sayangnya, kamera saya tidak sanggung menangkap glitter biru yang berkilau-kilau dramatis itu :( - [sigh]

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