Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Nail Art Challenge: Bali Themed Nails

Finally, April is coming to a close. So is our monthly nail art challenge this April! :)

This monthly nail art challenge is hosted by none other than KUTEKSJUNKIES- the Indonesian nail art community. This is one of the most supportive community I have ever joined. I learned almost everything I know now (nail-related) from each of its member. They are talented as well as kind and supportive.

Ok, now on to the nails! April nail challenge theme is: Bali. When I think of Bali, I see frangipani flowers in my head. Why? Because it was one of my late mother’s favorite flowers next to the Lilies. We used to have many Frangipani trees, but they somehow.. Always fail to bloom..

This tropical flower is not only, but it also has medical properties. It is said to contain an antibacterial property, may help in alleviating fever and cough.

Beautiful, don’t you agree?

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