Friday, February 28, 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One-Stroke Pink Roses

Hello, Lovely Ladies! I'm back with another project on one stroke nail art.

If you look at my designs in my instagram, you will see that I rarely do anything so girly and pink. So I decided this morning to try a very girly design with everybody's favorite flower: the rose.

My Kind of Stripes

Hello, my fellow nail art addicts out there ^_^

On this post, I'm going to talk about my first Striping-tape-mani.

I have a mixed feeling about this method. I liked the final results but the journey took too long (-.-)
Not only it was time consuming, the tape - oh, the tape! - It's so thin and a little bit tricky to deal with.
However.. if you have the patience, maybe this method is for you! I tell ya, the end result was worth the effort (^_^)

Batik nails: Motif Parang Rusak

Before I showed you my Batik nails, I have a quick question: Have you ever heard of what "Batik" is? If you haven't, don't be discouraged ^_^

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Henna nail design

Ooh I'm on fire! I'm writing 3 posts today :)) *lol

Now this one.. is not my best, but I still love how it turned out.
I tried to recreate Robin Moses' Henna design, and naturally failed - compared to her works, that is :)

I used Faceshop polish for the base color, and black acrylic paint with detail brush.
I have to say, this is a great practice using detail brush ^^

Bubble Nail Tattoo

Ok, I have another "addiction': Designing my own decals and nail tattoos.

Whenever I am uninspired or have very little time to do freehand painting - Plus, I still stink at freehand painting lol :)) - I just slap some of these custom decals and Voila!

What's NOT fun about nail stickers, decals, and tattoos, is that they tend to wrinkle. My nails are very curvy so it took me quite some time to practice smoothing them, and it doesn't always work - unfortunately.

Colorful One-Stroke Bubble Shapes

Good Morning, Lovely Ladies!

It's very sunny here today in Jakarta, so I was thinking to post one of my bright colorful nail art.
These were in my practice series to "master" the one stroke technique. It did not come out right at first, plus I was still struggling with the paint and the brush. Fortunately, 90 minutes later plus top-coat.. Here's the final look:

Monday, February 24, 2014

One Stroke Ribbon

Ok! Here comes my first nail art post on the blog! *do the dance* lol

This is my first successful attempt on one stroke nail art and was inspired by the incredible Tartofraise of

I have been practicing one stroke technique for a while now, and this time.. It works!! Woohoo!

I was so happy that after finishing my happy dance, I continued making this design on my non-dominant hands! How cool is that? lol..


Hello there, Ladies.. and gentlemen too ;-)

Welcome to my blog! Thank you for visiting :)

Today, I decided to share my little "journey" on my little canvasses a.k.a Nails ^_^
I have always been lousy at painting, drawing and - writing lol.. Yet here I am, typing whatever comes to mind :-)

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