Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gunilla the Battle Maiden

Now, THIS is one of my MASTERPIECE Nail Art!

Inspired by my middle name, I googled the name meaning of Gunilla. And here's the result:

Monday, February 23, 2015

.::Lovely Chains::.

Hello, My Lovely readers ^_^
Sorry for m.i.a for these past few weeks, I've been super duper busy with house chores and everything else as a full time housewife ^_^

Soooo, after my mellow K-Pop inspired nails I was feeling nostalgic and suddenly felt like wearing my old polish. This brand "Pokari" was one of the first polish I used to experiment when I first started doing nail art. A friend used to bring her Pokari polishes to work, then we got together painting our nails during break *sigh* Those were the days.. ^_^

Pokari Nail Polish : Light Lavender

It was light glittery pale purple.. I had no trouble with the consistency. Plus, I love its price at a local accessory shop! 

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