Friday, May 9, 2014

Nail Art Tutorial: How I Use My own Custom Water Decals

I get asked a lot by my friends about how I wear my decals. As I have mentioned before, I'm a little bit addicted to designing my own decals. So I am going to share with all of you on how I put them on.

As with any other method, each person has her own way of putting on decals. So if my way doesn't work well with you, that's ok, you can always try some other ways that suit you best :)

First things first, here are the tools you need to prepare before hand:

  1. A bowl / glass of warm water
  2. top coat
  3. base coat
  4. scissors
  5. tweezers (optional)
  6. nail file
  7. some tissue papers (And of course my decals)
If this is your first time wearing full nail decals, you may want to work on one nail at a time.

Now, onto the process:

  1. As spray coating tend to become stiff overtime, I don't use spray coating anymore. I use my own base coat or any clear polish I have to coat my decals only when I am going to use them. Don't use top coat! It will ruin the decals instead of making it stretchable. Apply a thin layer of base coat/clear polish, wait around 15 minutes until it completely dries. I find this step makes my decals stretchable without getting torn apart. Then proceed to Step 2.
  2. Choose the size that fits your nail and cut it in the shape of your finger nail : half circular shape at the cuticle.
  3. Important: Prep your nails properly! This includes washing your hands and nails, disinfect them, and apply a good base coat. I cannot stress how important this step is, for I have heard of a girl who lost her finger because she used products on dirty fingers and without a good base coat. Base coat is a must!
  4. Dip your decal into a bowl of warm water for about 5-10 seconds. Don't dip the whole set and hang it out to dry :( (I have seen a girl did this and I don't think it's a good idea) Just dip each one at a time for each nails.
  5. See if the paper on its back can slide easily. If it slides easily, then it's ready. If it still stick, just soak it in the water a few more seconds until you can slide it easily off its backing paper.
  6. Place the decal onto your nail, move it around while it's wet until you're satisfied with how it is placed. Then dab your tissue paper over it to absorb excess water while smoothing it out.
  7. File away the excess length with your nail file.
  8. Pull away the excess
  9. Using something soft - or your other fingers - to press and smooth out any air bubbles on your nails and on the edges of your nails. These decals are quite stretchable so smooth it out before your final step.
  10. When you're satisfied with how your decal looks, seal it with one or two layers of top coat. Each layer has to dry completely before applying another layer.
  11. Et Voila! You are ready to show off your newly dressed up nails.
A few notes as safety precaution:
  • Clean your nails before polishing them!
  • As with any nail products - or cosmetics for that matter - Stop using the product immediately if any signs of allergy or irritation occurs.
  • I love nail art but I don't wear polished nails over 5 days. I usually take my polish / nail art off after 3 days, and diligently moisturize my hands and nails for at least 2 days before putting on a new nail art.

Well, there you go.. This is how I apply my own decals. I design them myself, and I made some for my friends too.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!
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