Saturday, April 9, 2016

Nail Vinyls by @Madpik - Holographic Snowflakes

Hello, my lovely friends, readers, and fellow nail art enthusiasts!

Please excuse my absence, I have been battling allergies, pain and migraines for weeks :( And only now I get to get up and actually sit and write on my laptop ^_^

Oh well, enough with my rambling *lol* Now, to the post! Today I will be "showing off" these nail vinyls made in Indonesia:
Nail Vinyls by @Madpik
Nail Vinyls Collection by @madpik

These vinyls have hit the nail art world by storm within these last 2 years, and yet only recently we can make them here in Indonesia.

Nail Vinyls by @Madpik - Holographic Snowflakes (IN)

Haloooo Teman2 pecinta Nail Art!

Akhirnya, blog ini ter-update juga ^_^ Maaf post saya di sini agak tertinggal dari instagram. Maklum, kalo di IG tinggal "plek" post foto, kalau di sini saya menulis proses sekaligus menyediakan link hehe..

Okeh! Langsung saya ya.. hari ini saya akan memperkenalkan produk yg namanya "Nail Vinyls". Nah, ini tampilannya:

Saya yakin beberapa teman-teman pecinta nail art sudah mendengar produk ini. Bedanya dengan stiker biasa adalah: bahannya. stiker / stensil kuku ada yang terbuat dari kertas, ada yang dari vinyl. Nah, yg terbuat dari vinyl ini lebih lentur, sehingga bisa mengikuti lengkung kuku kita. Vinyls juga tidak mudah sobek, dan menempel lebih mantab di lengkungan kuku. Jadi hasil akhirnya pun lebih rapi / tajam.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Simple Stamping: Gold floral nails

Hellow Hellow, my lovely fellow nailart enthusiasts ^_^

I am back today with another stamping nailart. I have been looking for a good gold polish for stamping when these babies came from
I found some stamping polishes that tends to "blend" with the dark polishes underneath hence the color doesn't pop after top coat. So, I'll be testing its opacity on the stamper and over a dark polish.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Complete review: Clear Jelly Stamper

Hello, Everyone! Thank you for stopping by and reading my posts ^_^

I just got these babies yesterday from bornprettystore, and I am all fired up for the review of these gummy clear stamper.
Clear Jelly Stamper by
Clear Jelly Stamper from

Now, I've been practicing nail stamping lately and it is quite addictive. I'm quite new in this whole stamping field, hence, I'm still experimenting with different types of stamper. Plus, I messed up a lot since I couldn't see how the image would be placed on my nails.. I misplaced them a lot! But hey, some creative souls felt my sorrow and clear stamper is all the rage now! ^_^

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Arabesque Reverse Stamping with Holographic Polishes

Hi, Everyone!

Arrgghh! I finally got my hands on reverse stamping again with these super squishy and sticky stamper from @faburnails
Squishy Stamper in mint green and plastic Scraper by @faburnails
Squishy Stamper in mint green and plastic Scraper by @faburnails

It was mind blowing really *lol ^_^
My friend - the stamping queen @nanaandhernails said "It would change your whole stamping experience" ^_^ And it did..

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