Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bright Flowers and Holotastic Glitters!

Hello, my lovely readers! Hope you have a good Wednesday ^_^

I've been a little bit out of ideas lately, with my new part time job and everything that goes around here, then there's always that bunch of house chores, allergies, PMS and whatnot.. So I thought, why not slap on some dark colors and put on some bright colored - eye catching - designs?

Bright Flowers and Holotastic Glitters! by @mylittlecanvas

Well, this is it.. here's one of those designs that I made out of pure experiment. No expectation, no big picture in mind. And.. I LOVE IT! *_*

What I used:

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Colorful Tweed Mani

Hello, My Lovely Readers! ^_^

I must apologize for m.i.a these past few weeks. It's been some pretty hectic weeks indeed! But, I am back today with my favorite stuff from Bornprettystore (^_^)

Tweed Water Slide Decals by

Now.. I've always loved tweed manis. But - as usual - I lack the will to paint *lol* So these decals came to my rescue!

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