Thursday, January 21, 2016

Complete review: Clear Jelly Stamper

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I just got these babies yesterday from bornprettystore, and I am all fired up for the review of these gummy clear stamper.
Clear Jelly Stamper by
Clear Jelly Stamper from

Now, I've been practicing nail stamping lately and it is quite addictive. I'm quite new in this whole stamping field, hence, I'm still experimenting with different types of stamper. Plus, I messed up a lot since I couldn't see how the image would be placed on my nails.. I misplaced them a lot! But hey, some creative souls felt my sorrow and clear stamper is all the rage now! ^_^

I got mine from by the way - Just click the link and you will be redirected there.

So for this look I used:
Stamping plates, polish, clear jelly stamper by
  1. Clear Jelly Stamper & Scraper (#24021)
  2. Black Stamping Polish from bornprettystore (#1381)
  3. Cat-Deer-Sheep Stamping Plate BP-59 (#19362)

As for the polishes for the gradient background:
Skinfood Milk Creamy Nail Polish
  1. Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail - Ice Milk (light blue)
  2. Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail - Lemon Milk (pastel yellow)
  3. and my trustee dish-washing sponge ^_^

Here's the complete process:

Crazy Cat Nails by @mylittlecanvas
  1. I painted my nails in white.. uhm.. I was watching a real cute Japanese Dorama while doing this so I am taking my time with wrapping the tapes around my fingernails - instead of slapping some quick drying liquid latex *lol
  2. Sponged on the colors!
  3. I repeated the process on all fingers until I was satisfied with the opacity.
  4. Picked up the image off the plate.
  5. Stamped them on!

The image did not stick well on the stamper at first. So I washed both the stamper and the plate in warm water and soft soap to get rid of any oil residue. Afterward, I had no trouble picking up the image at all. Plus, it was squishy enough yet solid enough to press.

Clear Jelly Stamper by

I didn't even had to guess where to place the image, because this stamper is see-through and magnified my nails.

Clear Jelly Stamper by

As for decal making, I found some stampers that just didn't work well for reverse stamping decals. On one the ones I tested, the decal just stuck there and wouldn't peel off, probably because the stamper contained some incompatible plastic ingredients. So, here I tested these clear stamper for decal making:

Clear Jelly Stamper by

The decal can be peeled off effortlessly ^_^

So here's my take on these jelly stampers - On a scale of 1 to 10:
  • Price: 10 - It is seriously affordable
  • Image transfer: 8
  • Texture and strength: 9
  • Easy to use - even for beginners in stamping.

All in all, this stamper is highly recommended especially for beginner stampers like me ^_^
Crazy Cat Nails by @mylittlecanvas

Crazy Cat Nails by @mylittlecanvas

Crazy Cat Nails by @mylittlecanvas

Happy Stamping! Oh, and don't forget to enter the code "PGK31" to get your 10% discount on regular priced items. 
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