Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Simple Stamping: Gold floral nails

Hellow Hellow, my lovely fellow nailart enthusiasts ^_^

I am back today with another stamping nailart. I have been looking for a good gold polish for stamping when these babies came from
I found some stamping polishes that tends to "blend" with the dark polishes underneath hence the color doesn't pop after top coat. So, I'll be testing its opacity on the stamper and over a dark polish.

Since I just recently made a nailart over black polish, I chose this dark vampy red as the base color. We'll see if the gold pops out over a dark coloured base.

So here are my tools for this look:

Looks sharp and crisp on the stamper ^_^
Bornprettystore Clear Jelly Stamper (#24021)

Aanndd Stamp On!

Oh well, not my best stamping art though *lol*

I like how it doesn't bleed or blend with the dark color underneath. Plus, since it's opaque in one swipe, I'll be wearing it as regular polish too ^_^

Happy Stamping! And don't forget to enter the code "PGK31" to get your 10% discount on regular priced items. 

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