Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Kind of Stripes

Hello, my fellow nail art addicts out there ^_^

On this post, I'm going to talk about my first Striping-tape-mani.

I have a mixed feeling about this method. I liked the final results but the journey took too long (-.-)
Not only it was time consuming, the tape - oh, the tape! - It's so thin and a little bit tricky to deal with.
However.. if you have the patience, maybe this method is for you! I tell ya, the end result was worth the effort (^_^)

Ok, so here's my base for the striping tape mani:

I sponged on 5 colors - all in pastel shades: pink - orange - yellow - green - blue - over Skinfood white polish. But as you can see, they blend too well and ended up as 3-colored-rainbow.

After I placed my tapes, I applied NYX polish "Collection Noir" over them. Here's the final look:

A closer look on my thumb:

Whaddya think?

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