Monday, February 24, 2014


Hello there, Ladies.. and gentlemen too ;-)

Welcome to my blog! Thank you for visiting :)

Today, I decided to share my little "journey" on my little canvasses a.k.a Nails ^_^
I have always been lousy at painting, drawing and - writing lol.. Yet here I am, typing whatever comes to mind :-)

A little bit about me:
I used to hate nail polish. I despise painting since I was a kid, I came to believe that I can NEVER paint because my art teacher kicked me out of the class for taking too long working on a mosaic painting! (d'oh!), and of course, I am clueless in writing.

In 2011, things started to change. I met a sweet Korean friend of mine whose nails were - strangely - colored. They were white and gradually turned to green on the tips. Once I returned home, I started youtube-ing out of curiosity and i guess you can figure out how the story goes afterward.

I have been seriously into nail art for almost three years now. I learn everything from scratch, with the help of numerous nail artist friends from abroad and from Indonesia. You girls ROCK! ^_^

I will try to keep a routine update on my nail art, and .. hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do (^_^)

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