Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One-Stroke Pink Roses

Hello, Lovely Ladies! I'm back with another project on one stroke nail art.

If you look at my designs in my instagram, you will see that I rarely do anything so girly and pink. So I decided this morning to try a very girly design with everybody's favorite flower: the rose.

I never thought that painting a rose would be sooooo DIFFICULT.. [huff]..

I used Skinfood's Polish "Milk Creamy Nail" for my base color (love the consistency), my flat brush, acrylic paints, Etude's glittery polish and Oriflame crystal top coat. (NB: Oriflame's polishes and top coat are surprisingly good - imo)

This is how I made my gradients before I started painting:

And this is how I made the whole design: (I don't know why, but I think that pink makes my skin color looks yellow-ish)

Aaanndd the final result..

A closer look at my thumb:

Oh well, this looks a lot prettier in person ^_^ My camera can't do them justice..

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