Monday, November 17, 2014

Cutest Nail Art I have Ever Made: The Forever Friends Bear

Today, I am going to treat you, my lovely readers with something CUTE :) Like this..?

Nails by @mylittlecanvas: Forever Friends Bears Nail Art

That's right, who have never heard of these Forever Friends Bears?

"In 1987, artist Deborah Jones drew the first ever Forever Friends bear in her sketchbook. She approached Bath, Somerset based greeting cards publishers Andrew Brownsword, who agreed to release the bear design as a greeting card. The pair worked in a flat above a Chinese takeaway in Reading, Berkshire in the early 1980s" - Quoted from Wikipedia

These bears were so popular when I was still in junior high school. Now, 20 years later.. I still love them! And this design was inspired by the "back to school" edition of my Forever Friends desktop wallpaper.

I slapped them on my nails.. Et voila!
Nails by @mylittlecanvas: Forever Friends Bears Nail Art

I should put them closer together next time though *lol* I felt so guilty having to "trim" her away :(
Nails by @mylittlecanvas: Forever Friends Bears Nail Art

Oh well, nothing lasts forever :( 
Forever Friends Bears Nail Art peeled off

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