Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stunning Holographic Rainbow!

Hellow, my lovely readers & fellow nail art lovers! ^_^
I am back with a stunning nail art today!
Stunning Holographic Rainbow

It's been quite difficult for me to find time for nail art lately, but I make time yesterday to do this.. and oh my.. It turned out to be even more stunning than I had imagine before!
Warning: I love this mani sooo much, I am bombarding you with high-res pictures in this post ^_^ Just click on them to see the full size pics.

Ok, let's start..

The inspiration came from MoreNailPolish's Holo Rainbow using Holographic Polish and Temporary Tattoo paper.

So, I started out by applying two coats of Color Club's Kismet. This is one of Color Club 2013 Halo Hues - which are responsible for my addiction to holographic & multichrome polishes. *AWESOME HOLO EFFECT!*
Color Club Holographic Nail Polish : Kismet

When worn alone, the holo effect came out more perfectly under natural sunlight compared to under LED light.
Color Club Holographic Nail Polish - Kismet

Instead of using a temporary tattoo paper, I used a transparent decals. As usual I made my decal sets myself *wink*
Stunning Holographic Rainbow

Stunning Holographic Rainbow

Stunning Holographic Rainbow

I couldn't take my eyes off these for hours - literally, hahaa.. 
I just had to wait until the next morning to take this shot under direct morning sunlight!
Stunning Holographic Rainbow under direct sunlight

Ahh.. I'm in "love".. How about you?
Feel like trying this design on your nails now..? Go ahead! I would love to see them too!

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