Thursday, April 16, 2015

Game themed NOTD: Puzzle Barista

Hello, Lovely Readers! I have so many house chores pending so I'm going to have to keep this post short..
Today, I am back with another game themed nails of the day :)

Puzzle Barista Nails by @mylittlecanvas

This game combine three of my most favorite things in life: cute characters, coffee and good puzzle games :)

Puzzle Barista by Pati Games
Coffee Crush / Puzzle Barista by Pati Games

Developed by PatiGames - one of South Korea's leading game developer - tied with KakaoTalk for distribution in Indonesia, I used to be addicted to this game on Android. Until I switched to Ipad, and its data could not be transferred. *bummer* >_< 

I still love these cute characters though..

Uhm.. I think I'll have my real coffee now.. ^_^

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