Monday, May 18, 2015

Bright Glaring Stars

Hi, everyone! How was your weekend? I hope it was just as fabulous as mine was ^_^

While almost everyone I know out there say "I hate Monday", here I am loving my monday (because monday is my day off) and writing my review on another pretty little stamping plate by BornPrettyStore.

Glaring stars nails by @mylittlecanvas Glaring stars nails by @mylittlecanvas

I had trouble with this thick polish (see below) when I tried using it with another plate, turns out that THE PLATE WAS the problem - Not the polish *phew* So I tried again and this time I used it together with BPS's Plate.

Stamping Polish, Image Plate, Dual Stamper by

  1. Black (White & ) Color Nail Art Stamping Polish; Prod ID: 1381
  2. Dual Double Sided Stamper (& Scraper ); Prod ID: 1514
  3. Glaring Star Theme Nail Art Stamp Template BP14; Prod ID: 17259
Now, I tried regular stamping process on my previous post. So this time,  with the help of my lovely nail buddy, @nanaandhernails - who is in my opinion is the queen of stamping - I tried my hands on reverse stamping and wow.. It was soooo difficult *lol*

I had 3 failed stamping decals, and the whole process took me 5 episodes of Continuum and a dinner break.. By the time I was finished, I was so exhausted that I didn't even feel like writing a post about it hahaa.. Oh well, the result sure is worth the effort!

Glaring stars nails by @mylittlecanvas

Glaring stars nails by @mylittlecanvas

All colours are skinfoodpolish 's pedicure vita:
  • Pink - no. 08: 스트로 핫 (stro hot..?)
  • Green - no.10: 미도리 샹워 (midori shower)
  • Orange - no.11: 오렌지 벨벳 (orange velvet)

I hope you are as mesmerized as I was with these!

But of course, you can pick your own favorite plates and tools HERE at and don't forget to punch in this coupon code: PGK31 upon checking out and enjoy your very own 10% discount!
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