Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nail Tutorial and Review: Silver metal slide decal

Hi, Everyone!

I am back with another review of this beautiful Silver metal water-slide decals. These beautiful decals are sponsored by bornprettystore.com
Silver Phoenix Decals by Bornprettystore
Silver Phoenix Decals by Bornprettystore
Silver Phoenix Water Slide Decals (ID: 18650)

I didn't expect much at first glance. I mean, I played with decals a lot and I thought this metal decals would be just like any other decals. But I was WRONG! Keep reading and I'll tell you why.

First, allow me to show you the "tools" I used for this design:

  • Glaring Star Theme Stamp Plate - BP14 (ID: 17259) 
  • Silver Phoenix Metal Water decals (ID: 18650)
  • Dual Stamper also by Bornprettystore (ID: 1514)
  • OPI "My Private Jet" for my base color
  • ORIFLAME "Very Me" Nail Graffiti in Silver for subtle stamping
  • and REVLON Top Speed dry - top coat

I have prepped my nails with my gorgeous base color & stamped my index and pinky finger. Now, here's how I used these decals:

Nail tutorial for Silver Phoenix Decals by Bornprettystore

  1. Cut them into pieces that fits your nails
  2. Remove the protective plastic film
  3. Dab some water on the backing paper just until the decals can be easily removed - Careful! It's super thin!
  4. Place it onto your wet nails, slide and move it around until you're happy with its place - don't worry, as long as your nails and decals are wet, you can still move them around.
  5. Once you find the right spot, sop up excess water with tissue paper, make sure your nail is dry.
  6. Top coat! And you're done.
Here's how these decals surprised me; I was walking up the stairs to fetch something, and this is how it looked as I walked into the darker part of the room:

Silver Phoenix Decals by Bornprettystore glows in the dark

How cool is that? I noticed that although these are not a glow-in-the-dark decals, they stand out well enough in a darker place.

So, my rating for this decals are: 8 out of 10!
  • It's easy to use even for first-timers
  • I love how it's thin enough to hug my nails well
  • I love how it melts under top coat, and
  • They stick out in the dark!
Silver Phoenix Decals by Bornprettystore

Silver Phoenix Decals by Bornprettystore

Go ahead and try them out yourself! Don't forget to punch in the discount code: PGK31 to enjoy a 10% discount on regular priced items ^_^

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