Thursday, October 23, 2014

Besties Triplet Nails: Plaids and Daisies

Hello, Lovely readers! :-)
My.. My.. What a sunny day! It’s 940 F / 340C here in Jakarta at 12pm noon, and this triplet nails we did as designed by @beejak, fits perfectly for this bright hot sunny day :)

As I mentioned before, I'll be doing nail art and friendship post in October.. so here’s another post about nail art and friendship... [warning: this is a looongg post with lots of nail art pictures hahaa..]

Friendship is like a delicate flower. In order for it to grow, you need sow the seed, water it regularly and take care of it.

Well, Debby “sow the seed” when she first commented on my first hand painted nail art photo on my instagram. It was my first time on Instagram, posting my first photo and was totally clueless as to how to use IG to find nail art inspiration!

She found me through my sister in law soon after I posted only a few pictures and she and @thecamelia79 made a comment on my first photo, thinking that my nail art was stamped instead of hand-painted.

Thanks to her and few other lovely ladies (IG: @itedja , @thecamelia79, @jennysantio, @kleponkuning), the KUTEKSJUNKIES community found me!

She connected to my line messenger not long after that, and we’ve been keeping in touch outside IG ever since. Later on, Maria showed up and made our little closed chat room more lively with her hilarious stories :)

To me, Debby has always been a warm friend. She’s very encouraging yet realistic, and I always had a feeling that she’s meticulous in what she does. And I was right! She’s great at making cute artworks with her hands and she always put her heart in each thing she does.

Plaids and Daisies - by @beejak

I called her nail art style: “cutism/cuteness/kawaii“ ^_^ She’s great at working with pastel colours and girly designs. Our triplet nails this time was also her design!

Alice in Wonderland - by @beejak

Bejeweled - by @beejak

Tuxedosam! - by @beejak

I met Debby in person in Surabaya last month and got to know her better. Unlike her cute nail designs, she’s a strong type and has a real good head on her shoulders. Oh, she did my nails too... so cute!

Well, that’s my journey with @beejak  Thank you for being such a warm and encouraging friend, Girl!

Lastly, here are my solo shots of our triplet nails "Plaids and Daisies":

Still need lots and lots of practice of hand painting!

Hope you like them nevertheless :)

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