Monday, October 20, 2014

Glamorous Nail Art: Embossed Silver Swirls Over Black

Oh well, I don't really feel like painting anymore today.. Plus, after a good long previous post I'd like to keep this one real short :)

As the title says, this is jet black polish embellished with silver embossed stickers and some rhinestones.

I used Revlon top speed dry polish: Black Lingerie, embossed silver decorative stickers from - I love these. They are easy to use, stuck well but not too sticky so I could easily take if off if I misplaced them and re-stuck them, Plus they did not curl under top coat after I topped them off with Revlon top speed dry top coat.

Revlon top coat is sooo shiny. It's so difficult to take a picture without a glare.

Love Love Love how these turned out!

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