Monday, October 20, 2014

Besties Twin Nails: Bright Blue - One Stroke - Ribbons

Hi Y'all! Today is a special post. Why because this is not just about nail art, this is also about friendship :) I have several besties nail buddy who've become my close friends not only in nail art, but also in life.

On this post I will tell u about this particular friend of mine, Maria @nailart4jc.

Bright Blue One-stroke Ribbons by @mylittlecanvas and @nailart4jc

It all started with nail art and instagram...

I First met Maria through her work on Instagram. She made a cute tree, blooming sunny-side-up-eggs *lol* Now, that's what I call "ORIGINAL"! Her comments just cracked me up, and we then connected through our Instagram accounts..

"Sunny-side-up-eggs now grow on trees!" by Maria @nailart4jc

Then we started pm-ing, and I found out that she painted it all with POLISH! So I encouraged her to buy some acrylic paints and she did. She litterally went crazy with her paints, as expected from a painter's daughter :) She never failed to surprise me with her nail art.

Cubism Nail Art by Maria @nailart4jc

Bali Nails by Maria @nailart4jc

Later on, she won an advanced level nail art contest on Instagram and got featured on Nail It! Magazine. Her "fame" just kept on growing. Maria is then crowned as our "community bouncer" - If our IG is being bullied by some haters who doesn't appreciate nail art, SHE'S the girl to go to! *L.O.L*

Bright blue one-stroke ribbons by Maria @nailart4jc

So, go check out her blog / Instagram if you haven't done so.

But, this is not the best part.. Whenever I feel like giving up on nail art due to some reasons, she always encouraged me not to give up. Although we live thousand miles apart, she kept track on my well being and made me smile :)

I thank her for always encouraging me, and being there for me in times of trouble! :)

Bright Blue One-stroke Ribbons by @mylittlecanvas

Bright Blue One-stroke Ribbons by @mylittlecanvas

Oh well, my journey and friendship do not stop here. I still have some other special friends in this community that I want to share with you all out there in my future posts.

So stay tuned!

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