Monday, June 23, 2014

My Review: Jakarta Nail School workshop

Hello Lovely readers and nail art lovers!

Having a far more hectic schedule after quitting my full time job, I finally made some time today to write! ^_^ Why? Because this is important for those of you nail art lovers out there who want to make a career out of this hobby or simply want to perfect your nail art skills.

I got this invitation through my sweet nail buddy, Stephanie (@nailartoverdose).

As the name states, Jakarta Nail School is a professional nail school located in the east area of Jakarta. They were so kind as to offer us a one-day-workshop in basic 3D Deco art.

I had my doubts about coming due to the sheer distance between my home and this school. But.. I recall what my husband always say, "A skill is always worth acquiring because you never know when it will come in handy." So I decided to travel over 50 km from my home in Depok to get there!

Plus, I was always curious about nail courses anyway, and I’ve been wanting to take one up in a professional nail school whenever I have enough funding to spare. *wink

I was already late, so I started immediately. And I tell ya, trying to make those mini blobs of acrylic powders stick on my brush WAS A STRUGGLE! *lol
I was always a slow learner back in the school days, and that day sure brought back memories ^_^

With me being the oldest in the class :-P I persevered in practicing on:
  • picking up the powder with the correct consistency
  • then putting it on to the practice nail surface
  • and actually made something out of it.
While we were practicing, Mrs. Lina – the owner and educator in this school – explained some intriguing facts on nail technology. Things like, which steps should we take before “leaping” to acrylic 3D arts, how important a good clean manicure is, gel technology and the wonders it does  (Seriously,  Japanese gel arts give me goosebumps just from looking at them in the magz!) Which good stuff you should invest in, and which you should not spend your dime on.. The tips and tricks you don't get on youtube!

What’s more is that Indonesian market for nail art is definitely growing. And I like how @jakartanailschool uses only high quality products for both their clients and our class. I could NEVER get the same result at home as I did in class, because we were allowed to use good quality acrylic powders and monomers there.

Well, it took me five hours to be able to make these basic shapes of roses. *talking ‘bout a slow learner ‘ere* hahaa.. To me, it was like a “hand-to-hand combat”,  good thing though our instructors were patient and comprehensible. You’ll be shocked to see the things they can create out of those acrylic blobs! Practically anything! [*Thank you Kang Asep and Mbak Okta! You are awesome!]

Long story short, this place is highly recommended for those of you who are serious about making this hobby a career. NAIL ART IS AN ART.  I agree with them that we should have pride in our works and stop underrating ourselves. If Nail art is your passion, then this is the place for you to hone your skills.

You can visit their website: for complete info.

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