Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Abstract Nail Art: Chaos Series #2

Good morning, Everyone! Hope y'all had a good night rest :)

I promised my friend Sarmidi to post all his beautiful designs on my blog. So.. After weeks and weeks pending, I would like to continue my post on these awesome CHAOS series he made!

Remember this Green Chaos Abstract nail design? (Read its complete post here)

Well, he made a bunch of different designs with the software. The possibility is endless..

This is the 2nd of his Chaos Series. I love how the blues and pinks blend together into some sort of flower-petal-texture or chiffon-like fabric blowing softly in the wind.

Original designs by Sarmidi (@midibinsar) made into custom decals by Priska Gunila (@mylittlecanvas)

There's still a lot more of these beautiful designs, So stay tuned! ^_^

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